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Acoustix Solving Office Noise and Creating Speech Privacy

Lack Of Speech Privacy & Reverberation

FabriSorb Acoustic Wall Panel SystemsFor many industries a lack of speech privacy is unacceptable. Modern construction in commercial spaces often means the walls are from the top of the raised floor to the underside of the drop ceiling. Poor door seals and joints to window mullions can all reduce the effectiveness of a room. Hard surfaces within the room and teleconferencing equipment exacerbate the problem with sound reflecting and amplifying in the room reducing acoustic quality.

Noisy Open Plan Offices

ArtSorb Acoustic Artistic Panels - Too noisy to concentrate
- High staff attrition
- Stress and sickness
- Poor call quality

Studies have shown that noise is a number 1 concern for office workers. Studies have shown that better acoustics increases productivity.

Creating Speech Privacy

CloudSorb Acoustic Ceiling IslandsWith a series of simple tests the cause of the problems can be understood and can be solved with
A - Absorbing the sound close to the source
B - Blocking the path of the sound
C - Covering or masking the sound
In most cases a combination of the above will create the required acoustic and all can be implemented without disruption to the business.

Creating Acoustic Comfort

Lencore Sound Masking ProductsCeilings, desk screens and sound masking can all play a part in creating a peaceful office even in a busy call centre.
A - Absorb sound and prevent reflection
B - Block the direct path of sound
C - Cover or mask unwanted noise.


Acoustix has a reputation for solving noise issues in offices, schools and health care organisations proving that sound is as simple as ABC.

Acoustix provides professional sound proofing implementation, delivered quickly and cost effectively


bsorb the noise. Noise reflected off hard surfaces may be amplified and create uncomfortable reverberation


lock the direct path of sound with custom designed acoustic screens, partitions, walls and door seals


over or mask the distracting sounds using state-of-the-art Lencore sound masking technology.