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Acoustix Case Studies

Read how Acoustix has helped companies manage Speech Privacy and Open Plan Noise

Acoustix Lenore Sound Masking for RPC, Bristol

When RPC, a highly reputable law firm with offices in the UK and Asia, commissioned new offices in Bristol they wanted an open plan environment giving better value for money and collaborative working.

Acoustix Lenore Sound MaskingThe offices comprise of 850 m² open plan and 130 m² client meeting rooms with no private offices. The traditional return plenum air handling system creating a maximum of 35 dB would be too quiet to afford any level of concentration.

By raising the background sound level to 42 – 44dB using the Lencore Spectra iNet sound masking system intelligible speech in the open plan

offices is reduced from a 15 m radius to approximately 5 m allowing occupants of the space to engage in conversation at a normal tone of voice without distracting colleagues concentrating on their own work.

The masking system generates a continuous random broadband sound similar to that of rushing air tuned to the frequency spectrum preferred by the human ear.

There are 72 networked masking units in 12 zones mounted in the ceiling plenum allowing for independent localised tuning with any future changes being made via the built in web interface over the local network or remotely over the internet.

“The concept of sound masking was first introduced in our London office back in 2006 when we moved from a cellular to an open plan environment. Sound masking gives everyone the best of both worlds, open plan working without the noise distractions and this system is used in all of our offices".