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Allergen Smart, Cheshire

Regulatory changes for restaurants, and every other type of food business operator from street vendors to fine dining establishments, mean that it is now compulsory for allergen information pertaining to every ingredient used in the preparation of food sold to the public to be prominently displayed and available on request.

Allergen Smart, based in Handforth, Cheshire, are one of the UK's leading allergen specialists helping to ensure that owners of dining establishments are compliant with the new laws which came into force in December 2014.

As a result of the new legislation, Allergen Smart were now experiencing a significant rise in the number of calls through their operations centre which was creating noise distraction issues throughout their space.

The solution was to install Acoustix acoustically absorbent ScreenSorb desktop dividers between occupants, aesthetically stunning FabriSorb Art pieces for the acoustically reflective bare walls and FibraSorb mineral fibre ceiling islands.

Allergen Smart chose a safari theme for their eight FabriSorb Art pieces.