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FabriSorb Art

Designed to reduce reverberation within a space whilst being aesthetic. These pictures absorb nearly 100% of the sound and are made to order either with a plain fabric or printed fabric using digital images supplied by the customer.

ArtSorb at Icon DublinDesigned to reduce noise by absorbing the sound. FabriSorb Art is an aesthetic solution to reverberation in meeting rooms, atriums, classrooms, home cinemas, video and teleconference rooms.

Choose any digital image to be printed on the acoustically transparent surface fabric or alternatively any RAL colour.

FabriSorb Art can be supplied with a simple fixing kit or delivered and installed by our own team.

FabriSorb Art is an excellent solution to noisy restaurants and bars, often the hard surfaces used reflect the sound particularly of crockery and cutlery making conversations difficult to understand.

To achieve the most from expensive video and tele conferencing equipment the room acoustics must be considered. Reverberation time (the time taken for sound to dissipate) should generally be less than 0.5 seconds. The size and shape of the room can cause standing waves at certain frequencies and echo flutter due to opposing reflective materials.

Acoustix can calculate the reverberation time of your existing or proposed rooms and advise on the best solution to make the most of it.

Recommended Reverberation TimesThere are recommended reverberation times for different room functions and sizes. The diagram to the right shows these times in seconds for a range of room sizes either for speech or music.

A room with high reverberation time is considered "lively" and whilst good for music it will reduce speech inteligibility making words difficult to understand even at short distances.

A room with a low reverberation time can be considered "dead", ideal for recording studios but in meeting rooms this can cause vocal strain for speakers.