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Auger, Wirral

Auger are the market leaders in the drainage investigation, validation and repair services to the insurance industry renowned for providing outstanding value and service to the sector.

Increased occupancy dealing with the large volume of calls to their contact and claims management centre was causing noise problems between colleagues and throughout the space of the recently refitted open plan office environment.

The solution was the addition of acoustically absorbent ceiling islands to reduce the build up of the reverberant sound field to uncomfortable levels and the installation of new screen dividers between colleagues to raise the height from 380mm above the desk to 500mm

For a dividing screen between colleagues to be acoustically effective, it must be a minimum of 480mm above the desk and the fact that Auger opted for acoustically absorbent screens at 500mm meant that the new screens were not only blocking the direct path of the sound but absorbing the sound as well to create a far more acoustically comfortable working environment