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Sound Products to solve Noise Problems

Acoustix offer a range of surveys from in depth measurements and reports to simple site visits with instant advice. All Acoustix consultants are Institute Of Acoustics trained to at least diploma level.

NTI XL2 Sound Level Meter

Consultancy & Surveys

Acoustix specialise in speech privacy and open plan comfort in office environments. We also advise on acoustics in schools and medical environments.

Using a variety of tests the consultant can establish the reverberation times, Speech Transmission Index, on site and predicted room to room sound transmission.

Most important is that the results will be understandable without a degree in physics, plain language with practical solutions.

Acoustix also provide CPDs for achitects, designers and fit out companies.

ISO 3382-3:2012
Acoustix offer testing for compliance to ISO 3382-3:2012 which specifies a measurement method to give a single figure rating for open plan offices.
Whilst compliance to the standard is not a legal requirement it could be considered best practise.
There have been many studies over the last 10 years that show poor acoustics to be a primary issue in open plan offices but with many variables and testing methods it has never been more conclusive.
NTI Talkbox for STI MeasuremntTests required for the standard include:

  • Spatial Decay Rate of Speech
    A-weighted sound pressure level of speech at a distance of 4 m
    Speech Transmission Index (STI)
    Spatial Sound Distribution of the STI
    Distraction Distance
    Privacy Distance
    Background Noise Level

Speech Transmission Index (STI) Ref BSEN 60268-16:1998
Acoustix have been conducting STI tests for clients for some time using specialist equipment. STI is a single figure rating of speech intelligibility where 1 is total clarity and 0 is no intelligibility. Ideally a figure of 0.5 should be achieved at 5 m from the speech source but in an untreated office this is often 0.5 at 15 m or more.

Omnidirectional sound sourceReverberation Time (RT) Ref BSENISO 3382-2:2008
This may be calculated by looking at the various surfaces within a room including furniture for prediction purposes or tested onsite using a sound source and sound level meter. By measuring the length of time for the sound to fall after the sound source is switched off the RT can be established. Ideally for a small 4 person meeting room the time would be 0.5 seconds. Some video conferencing equipment suppliers specify a shorter time, less than 0.3 seconds.