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Sound Products to solve Noise Problems

Acoustix offer a range of acoustic solutions which are proven to reduce the noise levels within a dining establishment which are not only acoustically effective but aesthetically stunning

Noisy Restaurant

Why Are Restaurants So Noisy?

The dining experience is increasingly becoming a noisy affair and the noise levels of most restaurants are loud enough to interfere with normal conversation.

After poor service, noise is the second most common complaint of restaurant goers.

In an ideal restaurant setting, diners should be able to converse intelligibly, at a normal tone of voice, without either raising their voices or asking dining companions to repeat themselves.

There a few factors that contribute to a noisy restaurant but primarily it will be because a dining establishment tends to be a fairly large reverberant space with many hard, refective surfaces.

The acoustic phenomena recognised as the Café Effect is, simply put, “the tendency, inside a reverberant space, for noise to ‘breed’ noise”.

As the room populates with diners, all competing to be heard and understood within their own dining groups, the noise levels increase.

Poor restaurant acoustics can make it impossible for serving staff to communicate with diners and with the diners being unable to hold an intelligible conversation amongst themselves.

The situation is further excaberated when there are diners present who, due to the natural effects of aging on hearing, have started to experience hearing losses at certain frequencies

The good news is that there are solutions available to improve the dining experience which are fairly easy to implement in a retro-fit environment without detracting from the overall ambience of the restaurant.