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NPower, Worcester

As one of the UK's leading energy providers to homes and businesses in the UK, the executive team at NPower sought the expertise of Acoustix for guidance in dealing with noise problems in the open plan office areas after a recent refurbishment of their offices in Worcester.

NPower was seeking to create a smarter working environment for their staff and visitors to Oak House in which to communicate with one another clearly but the bare walls of the open plan space and the absence of screens between workstations had contributed to a reverberant space in which noise could easily propagate across.

The solution was to install the Spectra iNet sound masking to raise and create an ambient background sound which would cover the distracting irrelevant and transient noise travelling across the space and the addition of acoustically absorbent circular ceiling islands to reduce the build up of the reverberant sound field by asborbing as much of the sound as close to the source as possible.

White circular Acoustix ceiling islands where chosen to maintain the aesthetic of the recently refitted design scheme and post installation test results showed that the ceiling islands and sound masking system were working together to reduce the radius of distraction from 15 metres down to 6 metres