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Sound Products to solve Noise Problems

Acoustix have a number of their own products to solve the majority of noise issues.


FabriSorb Acoustic Wall Panel Systems FabriSorb panels are designed to improve the acoustic characteristics of modern working and public environments by reducing sound and noise reverberation and enhancing speech intelligibility.........more

FabriSorb Art

FabriSorb Art Acoustic Artistic Panels FabriSorb Art is designed to improve the acoustics of meeting rooms, receptions, classrooms, restaurants and homes. It is particularly effective where there is sound reverberation or high levels of noise..........more


Acoustix FibraSorb Ceiling Islands Acoustix FibraSorb ceiling islands are mineral fibre suspended sound absorbing panels intended for use where full suspended ceilings are impactical, unattractive or would interfere with heating / cooling solutions...........more

Lencore Sound Masking

Lencore Sound Masking ProductsAcoustix use the Lencore sound masking system to raise the background sound levels increasing speech privacy and comfort. With a digital random sound that is tuned to each space Acoustix understand...........more